Startup World Cup

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Startup World Cup Bali 2024

The Startup World Cup, hosted by Pegasus Tech Ventures, is the largest startup competition worldwide, with more than 70 countries taking part every year.

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Bali Tech Startup

Bali Tech Startup terbentuk pasca acara Bali Start-Up Summit 2021, dimana acara tersebut berhasil mengumpulkan dan memberikan wadah bagi start-up dan tech company yang berbasis di Bali untuk berkolaborasi dan mengembangkan potensi bersama.

Bali Tech Startup bertujuan untuk merangkul ecosystem yang dapat mendorong peningkatan potensi, akselerasi dan kolaborasi dari start-up dan tech company yang tumbuh di Pulau Bali dalam wadah formal perkumpulan/ asosiasi.

Bali Tech Startup

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Djoin is a start-up that is committed to creating a comprehensive digital financial ecosystem as a service for microfinance institutions with a focus on improving the welfare of grassroots communities.

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Henbuk is a marketplace that focuses on selling E-Books (Digital Books). Electronic books are increasingly in demand because of their cheap prices and the ease of carrying lots of books with just one device.